Welcome to Precision Racquet Stringing on the web.

Precision Racquet Stringing has been providing professional racquet stringing service in the West Hempstead/Franklin Square/Garden City area for over 25 years.

  • USRSA Certified since 1989.
  • Tour level experience includes stringing for several top 100 players
  • Huge selection of strings and grips.
  • Expert stringing at low prices.
  • Your stringing history computerized and available to you on the web.

What makes PRS different ?

There's plenty of places you can go and have string put into your racquet. Most places the service begins and ends there. A quick careless stringing and then it's on to the next racquet.

PRS doesn't operate like that. At PRS, your racquet is first  inspected and cleaned. Your racquet is then meticulously strung on one of the finest stringing machines ever made. After your racquet is strung, the racquet is tested. The stiffness of the string bed is tested with 3 different meters. The racquet is weighed, the balance and the swingweight are all checked. All these measurements are recorded and a label is generated for the throat of your racquet with these details.

The purpose of all this testing is so that we know what your racquet is going to feel like to you. The string bed stiffness especially reveals how the racquet is going to feel to your hand. If you decide to change racquets or strings, we can use your prior data to get you the feel you are looking for. This is the difference between racquet stringing and racquet tuning. And since you aren't charged extra for it, why would you take your racquet anywhere else?