Assorted items a player might want to have on hand for customization. Some brands are not shown because my pricing is too low to advertise.

Ektelon Silencer. Originally called Prince Silencer.The cleverest design I've seen for a string vibration dampener. No hooks to break off. Never falls out. Probably not legal for tournament play (tennis) though or they'd still be calling it Prince Silencer.


Tournagrip XL. The original blue overgrip with the felt finish. Slightly wider to cover larger handles. 3 per pack


Unique Lead Tape. 72 inches of 1/4 inch wide lead tape. Self adhesive backing for easy installation.


Unique Tournacross. Consists of 175 string inserts loaded into an inserting tool. This is one way to get extra life out of your strings.


Unique Vibrex. Doughnut shaped string vibration dampener. Inexpensive and easily installed and removed. 2 per pack


Yonex Super Grap. One of the better overgrips with a tacky finish. In Orange, Lime Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Yellow, Red and Black. 3 per pack