All string prices include installation and NYS Sales Tax!

Babolat Pro Hurricane 17. One of the older, 2nd generation co-polyester strings. I still have a couple customers who like this in a hybrid with synthetic gut.


Babolat Addixion 16. Not quite as soft as the more expensive Babolat Xcel but still pretty easy on the arm and with a crisper playability.


Babolat Pro Hurricane Tour. I am carrying both 16 and 17 ga. I was stringing at a Challenger Event and this string was being used by so many players I decided to start carrying it. It's softer than the original Pro Hurricane, but it's definitely still a poly.


Babolat Xcel replaces what was previously called Xcel Premium. In this updated version Babolat uses a new bonding agent that is intended to maintain the soft feel of the original while improving durability. One of the softest strings out there, so not a bad choice for sore arms. I am carrying this string in both 16 and 17 gauges.


Babolat RPM Blast. Co-polyester from Babolat that is softer than their earlier offerings and octagonally shaped for more spin. Personally, I found this to be on the stiff side, but this is the string of choice for Nadal, Tsonga and others on the tour. Available in 15L,16, 17 and 18 ga.


Babolat Touch Tonic is Babolat's second line of natural gut string and is not gauge specific like their top line. Packages indicate only that the string is either over 1.35mm or under. Thicker is more durable, thinner more playable. An especially good choice if you are looking to hybridize with a polyester.


VS Touch 16 is Babolat's best natural gut and arguably the finest gut available on the planet. Natural gut has the longest playing life of any of the racquet strings so if you are not a string breaker this might actually prove to be a cost effective choice in spite of the price. Available in natural or black.