All string prices include installation and NYS Sales Tax!

Head Synthetic Gut PPS 16. Very similar to Prince Synthetic Gut in design, a basic center core construction with a wear resistant layer for added durability. Crisp playability. In White or Black.


Head RIP Control. An unusually durable multifilament with excellent control. Somewhat dead. I usually like to have string breakers try this one first before we start into the polyesters. Available in 16 gauge.


Head Megablast 16 is original equipment on Head racquetball racquets. It's a multifilament string with above average durability.


Head FXP. A mainstay in Head's Control String line. It's got it's roots in the synthetic gut world but there's polyester in there too, just enough so you'd know it. In 16 or 17 gauge.


Head Hawk 17. Another polyester monofilament for you hard hitting topspinners out there. Pretty low powered for a poly so if you can generate your own pace this is one you might want to try. In 17 ga only.


Head Reflex MLT 16 is a very arm friendly string with plenty of feel and power. One of the nicest multifilaments out there.