All string prices include installation and NYS Sales Tax!

Precision Racquet stocks a wide selection of strings and grips at prices too low to advertise. Call for pricing.


Gosen Proform Tuff 15L. A basic nylon string for the economy minded player


Head Synthetic Gut PPS 16. Very similar to Prince Synthetic Gut in design, a basic center core construction with a wear resistant layer for added durability. Crisp playability. In White or Black.


Toa Gold. Most folks are unfamilar with the name, but TOA is one of the largest manufacturers of synthetic strings in the world, if not THE largest, and they make strings for many of the name brands that you do know. Toa Gold is a really nice inexpensive synthetic gut. Available in 15L only.


Still the best selling string in the world. Prince Synthetic Gut in my opinion is the stiffest of the synthetic guts and not vastly different from Wilson's, Gamma's or Head's or anybody else's synthetic gut for that matter. Good playability, good durability, good price and in an array of colors. The vanilla of tennis strings.


Prince Lightning XX 16. Hey! This stuff is pretty! It has shiny spirals in it! Prince calls them Powerfoils and the even better news is they actually work! This string has some real pop! In clear, hot pink, blue or red.


Head RIP Control. An unusually durable multifilament with excellent control. Somewhat dead. I usually like to have string breakers try this one first before we start into the polyesters. Available in 16 gauge.


Yonex BG-65 is probably the best selling badminton string in the world. Modestly priced all purpose string. String is 0.70mm. Available in white only.


Head FXP. A mainstay in Head's Control String line. It's got it's roots in the synthetic gut world but there's polyester in there too, just enough so you'd know it. In 16 or 17 gauge.


Head FXP Tour 16 is a soft string built around a core of 4 large polyamide filaments. The playability is soft and best complements racquets that have a tendency to string up really tight, like the Head Extreme MP.


Babolat Addiction 16. Not quite as soft as the more expensive Babolat Xcel but still pretty easy on the arm and with a crisper playability.


Head Megablast 16 is original equipment on Head racquetball racquets. It's a multifilament string with above average durability.


Yonex Nanogy 95 is a durable badminton string that matches up well with the Yonex line of Nano racquets.


Yonex Nanogy 98 is the thinnest (.66mm) of the new Nanogy strings. Expect more repulsion power but less durability.


Prince Premier Power 16 is a coreless multifilament string with plenty of power and excellent comfort.


Babolat Xcel replaces what was previously called Xcel Premium. In this updated version Babolat uses a new bonding agent that is intended to maintain the soft feel of the original while improving durability. One of the softest strings out there, so not a bad choice for sore arms. I am carrying this string in both 16 and 17 gauges.


E-Force Oxygen 17. For racquetball only. Maximum power, elasticity, and resilience. Enhanced soft feel, Minimal vibration.


Tecnifibre NRG. French made multifilament. Available in both 16, 17 and 18 gauge. One of the best synthetics out there. If you want performance, definitely worth a try.


Tecnifibre X-One Biphase: I am carrying this in 16, 17 and 18 ga. If you are looking for performance and comfort this is one of the best playing arm-friendly strings out there.