All string prices include installation and NYS Sales Tax!

Still the best selling string in the world. Prince Synthetic Gut in my opinion is the stiffest of the synthetic guts and not vastly different from Wilson's, Gamma's or Head's or anybody else's synthetic gut for that matter. Good playability, good durability, good price and in an array of colors. In 16 ga: Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Purple, Silver, Gold, Blue and White. In 17 ga: White only.


Prince Lightning XX 16. Hey! This stuff is pretty! It has shiny spirals in it! Prince calls them Powerfoils and the even better news is they actually work! This string has some real pop! In clear, red, yellow, blue and black. Also available in clear and black in 17 gauge. Highly recommended for racquetball too!


Prince Premier Power 16 is a coreless multifilament string with plenty of power and excellent comfort.


Premier Touch is an Austrian made polyolefin ribbon string. I am carrying it as a replacement for the now discontinued Head FXP Tour and I am recommending it to players who are concerned primarily with comfort. Very easy on the arm.