All string prices include installation and NYS Sales Tax!

Tecnifibre Pro Redcode 17. A comfort oriented co-poly with a lively response and a wallet friendly price.


Tecnifibre Multifeel. A combination of both a sizable center core and hundreds of microfibers give this inexpensive multifilament better than average tension maintenance and a comfortable playability. Available in both 16 and 17 ga.


Tecnifibre 305 SPL 17. THE green squash string. Comfort, power and durability in a thin 1.20mm package.


Tecnifibre Black Code 1.24 is a relatively soft polyester based string with a pentagonal shape for added spin.


Tecnifibre NRG. French made multifilament. Available in both 16 and 17 gauge. One of the best synthetics out there. If you want performance, definitely worth a try.


Tecnifibre X-One Biphase: I am carrying this in 16, 17 and 18 ga. Not quite as powerful as NRG but still comfort oriented. Holds tension pretty well for a coreless multifilament.