All string prices include installation and NYS Sales Tax!

Solinco Confidential officially was released in 2020 after a couple years of "confidential" testing. Stiffer than Hyper G but not as stiff as Tour Bite, it's a good choice for advanced players looking for a control oriented poly. For now, in 17 gauge only.


MSV Focus Hex is a relatively recent arrival from Germany. As the name implies, the string is hex shaped for added spin potential. Excellent tension maintenance for a polyester string and not bad in the comfort dept either. Available in 1.10 and 1.18mm


MSV Heptatwist is similar in feel to Focus Hex but is seven sided and twisted to impart even more spin. Very similar to Solinco's Barb Wire. In black in both 1.20mm and 1.25mm.


Solinco Hyper G is one of the more recent offerings from Solinco and is considerably softer than Tour Bite which preceded it by a couple years. In 16 (1.30mm), 16L (1.25mm), 17 (1.20mm) and 18 (1.15mm), the string is fluorescent green and pentagonally shaped..


Solinco Tour Bite is a pentagonally shaped polyester string made in Taiwan. It is designed for big spin. Available in 1.05, 1.10, 1.15, 1.20, 1.25 and 1.30mm.


Tecnifibre Black Code 1.24 is a relatively soft polyester based string with a pentagonal shape for added spin.


Babolat RPM Blast. Co-polyester from Babolat that is softer than their earlier offerings and octagonally shaped for more spin. Personally, I found this to be on the stiff side, but this is the string of choice for Nadal, Tsonga and others on the tour. Available in 15L,16, 17 and 18 ga.